Eva Reutinger is a horticultural consultant specializing in edible landscaping, floral design, and organic maintenance.

She grew up in Albany, California, where she started an after-school garden program for the local elementary school. This love of plants took her to study at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and receive her B.S in Horticulture. While still in college, her dream job fell into her lap working for BrightView Landscaping, the leading commercial landscaping company in the United States. Contracted by Brightview full time to work at the Google headquarters in Silicon Valley, she was the sustainable environments manager overseeing the edible and native landscaping. During her 4 years at Google, she taught garden-to-table cooking classes, floral design, and edible landscaping.

In 2018, Eva transplanted to Portland, Oregon. To learn the lay of the land, she spent time working for Stem Floral Design and Cascadian Nurseries. Currently, she is the treasurer for the Portland Oregon Chapter of OLCA (Oregon Landscape Contractors Association). Now she is freelancing and exploring all her loves of plants, food, and sustainable design.

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